Debian GNU/Linux on PC-MM1-H3E (SHARP Mebius/MURAMASA ... very slim and smart notebook.)
May 2007
It is just example. At your own risk.

*** Install "Debian GNU/Linux" to PC-MM1-H3E via network. ***

PC-MM1-H3E has a network boot function. You should be enable NETWORK-BOOT your MURAMASA at BIOS SETUP, and prepare for the Server(DHCP-server, TFTP-server)

Network Configuration(EXAMPLE)
TFTP Server's IP Address
Gateway IP Address
DNS Server's IP Address
MURAMASA's Wired-LAN MAC Addressaa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa
MURAMASA's Wired-LAN IP Address192.168.1.2

*** Practical use to MURAMASA/PC-MM1-H3E ***
I refered sites below.
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